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PCB Service Overview OF ACE

We provide 24 hours online service:

Cargo Delivery 

We ship out PCB via UPS/DHL/FedEx/TNT/EMS Express as well as Air Cargo and Sea Cargo in FOB or C&F price terms! And our long-term cooperating partner relations with the Shipping Forwarders enable us to offer you the low shipping costs and short shipping time! Airwaybill number is available for your online tracking convenience as soon as cargo is shipped out! 

PCB Prototype Service

We have Separated Line for prototype manufacturing. Standard lead time for prototypes is five working days. We can offer shorter lead time at minimum 32 hours depending on complexity. The Circuits CAM Department consists of more than 40 Engineers and 3 Windows NT workstations that run Frontline PCB Solutions " Genesis 2000 " production software.

PCB CAM/Data Interface 

The state-of-the-art software allows us to take our customers' data and run it through a number of "manufacturability" checks to make sure that the PCB is within our manufacturing capabilities. We can also step & repeat the boards so that they can be supplied to our customers in a panel format for optimised assembly convenience.

All Data should be supplied preferably in a ZIP file or another compressed format. The Data should contain all files relevant to the manufacture of the Printed Circuit Board.

A typical Data packageof PCB should include the following:

Image Data which is a graphical representation of each layer required for generating the photo tool's, Solder Mask's, Silk-screen's, Fabrication drawing/Drill Drawing, Peelable Mask & Carbon Mask's which are required.

Acceptable PCB formats are as follows (In order of preference)

Gerber 274X
Gerber 274D (Aperture list must be also supplied)
Autoplot (MDA / Fire9000)

Excellon drill data required showing the location and size of each drilled hole on the printed circuit board. An ASCII text file can also be supplied that lists the tool numbers plus the size and quantity of each hole.

PCB Fabrication Drawings

A Drawing is required for showing the position of the drilled holes and the board profile. Each tool size should be represented on the drawing by a unique symbol or letter. There should also be a table showing the hole sizes and hole amount as well as the plating status of each hole.

The Drawing should clearly describe the board profile required using dimensions that have a relation back to one specific drilled hole on the board.